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The Donut Spytacular

Donut panic! Someone has stolen the donuts, and it’s up to the dancers to debunk this deliciously devious mystery! The team of dancing detectives will uncover clues through their super sleuthy jazz moves and funky fresh hip hop grooves as they discover whodunit! Dancers will fill their spy kit with sprinkle-tastic spy tools as they prepare to uncover the Donut Bandit at their final performance!

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Dates: July 16th-20th (Tuesday-Friday)

Times: 9:00-12:00

Ages: 8-12

Arts areas: Dance & crafts

Experience: None required

Tuition by May 1st: $100

Tuition after May 1st: $110

There will be a registration fee due for any students whom are not enrolled in our software.

*All music selections & dance moves will be uplifting & encouraging.