Hayley Havener, Ballet & Contemporary

Hayley Havener began her dance journey in tiny Fremont, OH under Ernest Hillenbrand as a three-year-old who spent more time pirouetting around her house rather than running or skipping. As a preteen, her passion for dance intensified as well as her desire to grow technically, and she began training under Judy Shoaff-Reading at the Findlay Academy of Ballet. Hayley attended Fort Wayne Ballet's summer intensive as a teenager and was offered a full ride scholarship for Minnesota Ballet's summer intensive. In recent years, she has trained under members from Verb and Neos ballet companies, as well as preforming with trideaDANCE and Neos. She and her fellow FAB dancers have performed in several NW Ohio dance festivals and their own yearly performance: the Pointe of the Evening. Ms. Havener is passionate about the physiology of dance and desires to instill a firm understanding of technique and biomechanics into all her students.  "I like to think that I bring whimsy and fun to the classroom while maintaining the characteristic discipline of my classical training."