Private Music Lesson Recital Day

Recital day is a wonderful experience for our music students to share their musical progress with their friends and family!

Date: May 19th, 2019 at 1:00, 3:00, or 5:00

Location: The Pemberville Opera House

Admission: No tickets are required. Each music student will be allotted 6 seats to ensure that we will all fit in the theater. *More seats may be available students let us know that they will not use all of their seats.

Collaborating with a Pianist: Intermediate to advanced students may have the opportunity to experience the process of rehearsing and performing with a collaborative pianist. Teachers will communicate if a collaborative pianist is needed for the recital. Expect at least 1-2 rehearsals before the recital. Most pianist that we recommend request $20-$30 per service, which may be paid directly to them. In some cases, students may play unaccompanied, or accompanied by their teacher if appropriate.

Recital Conflict: Please, let us know by May 1st if you have a conflict with one of the recital times or if you are unable to perform.

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Pemberville Opera house

115 Main Street

Pemberville, OH 43450

A student performing at her first recital. December, 2018

A student performing at her first recital. December, 2018