Weather policies


  • We do not follow any school system’s call on closing schools since we generally open later in the day and have students traveling from many school districts.

  • Morning classes: We will announce a closure 2 hours before each class by email.

  • Afternoon/Evening Classes: We will announce a closure by 1:00 by email.

  • Notifications: We wil always email if a class is cancelled. If you do not receive an email, assume that we are open for classes. We will also post on Facebook.

  • Please, use your best judgement when deciding to travel during inclement weather. We want all of our families safe!

  • Private music students, please communicate with your teacher to see if you will have lessons even if classes are not offered.

  • Level 3 for Wood County closes us automatically!

Students in classes are welcome to take an appropriate make-up class the following week. Please, check the class schedule to select a class that is the same level or 1 level below the level of the class that was missed due to weather. Email us if you would like to do a make up class the next week. Please note that we can not give refunds, credits, pro-rations, or discounts for any other reason, including but not limited to illness, injury, vacation, inclement weather, loss of power or ventilation, or other circumstances beyond our control.