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We offer engaging private music lessons for ages 5+ and for nearly any instrument you could request! Our faculty team is composed of passionate and qualified instructors who cater each lesson to the individual-not all students learn the same way! Lessons are available during the day and after school for lessons. Students takes lessons once a week for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. We would love to work with you to find the perfect teacher for your musical experience!

Our Music Education PHILOSOPHY

We believe all people have the beautiful and unique ability to create music, regardless of age or perceived talent level. This ability should be nurtured in a rich, supportive environment, where students are encouraged to interact with music through many different modes, including singing, moving, listening, performing, and creating.

Private lessons at the Black Swamp Fine Arts School are highly individualized and tailored to the student. Our instructors bring significant amounts of knowledge, experience, and skill to each lesson. Curriculum content and lesson structure will vary depending on the needs and skill level of the student, but in general the following aspects of musicianship will be addressed throughout the year:

  • Playing technique and tone production

  • Reading and performing from music notation and by memory

  • Sight-reading

  • Recognizing and performing expressive elements in music

  • Practicing standard, level-appropriate scales and etudes to improve technique

  • Consistently working on and performing solos both privately (in lessons and for family/friends), and publicly (each semester in our studio recitals)

  • Developing efficient and effective practice habits

  • Instrument care and maintenance

  • Playing technique and tone production

  • Working with a collaborative pianist for performances

Details for Lessons

  • Parent/Guardian Expectations

At home: Some students are very self-motivated, but other students will need a reminder to set
aside time in the day to practice. Please, help your child be successful in their musical endeavors!
If your student is young, approximately between 3-8 years old, you may be asked to assist your
student in practicing at home. If this is the case, the faculty member will teach you how to
practice with your student.
During lessons: For students ages 3-8, it is strongly suggested that a parent attend and take notes
during the lesson so that they can assist with home practice during the week. However, parents of
children that are older are welcome to attend lessons, too! Parent/guardian involvement, even if
the parent is “nonmusical,” has a significant, positive impact on the musical success of the
student. Compare it to homework that students complete for school. Teachers at school instruct
students during the day, and then they are assigned work or projects to complete at home.
Students that receive the guidance of their parent tend to do very well! This applies to music
lessons, as well.

  • Practice Policy

Students are expected to practice at least 5 times a week; more practice is always encouraged!
Consistent practice is much more beneficial than a few lengthy practice sessions.

  • Late Policy

You lesson time is a weekly appointment that your instructor has set aside and prepared to
specifically teach you. Please, arrive at your lesson on time, with all necessary materials
(instrument, music, pencil, and lesson notes from the previous week). If a student is going to be
more than 5 minutes late to a lesson, please inform the instructor. If a student is late, the
instructor will teach them for the remaining lesson time.

  • Spring Semester Dates

The spring semester runs from January 14th-May 19th and concludes with Music
Recitals for our private music students at the Pemberville Opera House on May 19th.
House. There will be 17 lessons during the 18-week semester, which allows for one cancellation
with prior notice. No lessons are offered during our spring break March 3rd-March 10th.

  • Make-up Policy

Lessons canceled by the student without at least 24 hours’ notice will not be made up or
refunded. If given advance notice, one lesson per semester can be rescheduled. If the instructor
must cancel a lesson for any reason, it will always be made up.

  • Spring 2019 Tuition Rates

The tuition rate for the spring semester includes 17 lessons. The semester rate below can be paid in full by January 14th, or in 4 installments due the 14th of January, February, March, April, & May. In the event a student withdraws from lessons before the end of the semester, full payment for the semester is still due.

  • 20-minute lessons: $286.00 for the semester, or 5 installments of $57.2.00 each.

  • 30-minute lesson: $422.00 for the semester, or 5 installments of $84.4 each.

  • 45-minute lesson: $558 for the semester; or 5 installments of $111.6 each.

  • 60-minute lesson: $694.00 for the semester, or 5 installments of $138.8 each.

Note: 45 and 60 minute lessons are recommended for intermediate to advanced students, and only if the instructor deems it necessary for their musical growth. Beginning students typically start with 30-minute lessons. In rare cases, very young students may start with 20-minute lessons at the recommendation of their instructor.

  • How to Pay

When a family decides to enroll in lessons at BSFA School, we will send an e-mail with a link to create a profile on DanceStudio-Pro. This software works with music, dance, and art classes and lessons. Once a profile is set up, families will be able to enroll and pay for classes and lessons each semester. Families can choose to pay for the entire semester up front, or be auto-billed in four installments throughout the semester. (See installment rates above.)

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